Echo Lawn Equipment

For over 40 years, ECHO has been leading the professional-grade handheld power equipment industry with a commitment to quality and excellence. ECHO is known for consistently delivering industry-firsts when it comes to technology and performance for both homeowners and commercial users. ECHO’s premium outdoor power equipment keeps trees, lawns, gardens, and landscaping in shape, year after year. Maycrest Hardware in Savannah, Georgia, is your local, independently owned ECHO power equipment dealer.

ECHO Chainsaws ECHO has a chainsaw for every user. Whether you’re a homeowner who occasionally trims trees or one that stockpiles firewood to get through the winter, or a tree care professional that needs the best for their business, ECHO chainsaws perform in every role. ECHO chainsaws are easy to start, run smoothly, and are loaded with the latest technology. When you buy an ECHO chainsaw from Maycrest Hardware, you’re getting one that’s built to last.

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ECHO Blowers

If you have a lawn full of leaves or your lawn care business is in need of reliable, commercial-grade backpack blowers to help you efficiently complete jobs, an ECHO blower is the answer. With a variety of both handheld and backpack blowers, there’s sure to be an ECHO blower at Maycrest Hardware for every lawn cleanup situation. Even better, ECHO has the most certified low-noise blowers in the industry, helping you work better with less disruption to your environment.

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ECHO Trimmers

ECHO trimmers are pro-grade equipment for both homeowners and professionals. ECHO’s 2-stroke trimmers are lightweight, ergonomic and easy to use, and available in curved and straight shaft configurations. Some models also feature split shaft designs that accept a variety of attachments. Whether you’re trimming around landscaping or garden beds, or clearing large areas of overgrown brush, you’ll find the ECHO trimmer you need at Maycrest Hardware.

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More ECHO Lawn Care Equipment

ECHO also offers a full suite of other lawn care products and ECHO accessories, including:

  • Hedge Trimmers
  • Brushcutters
  • Ice and Earth Augers
  • Pruners
  • Tillers
  • Sprayers
  • Wood Chippers
  • Red Armor Oil & Fuel

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